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How to make vinyl pressing less complicated.

We all ask ourselves these questions - How do I make vinyl Records? How can my vinyl record be the best? Are vinyl records difficult to make? 

We once had an order for a well-known artist through a big company. Things should have been easy. An order for picture discs, artwork supplied to our specification, masters uploaded, what could make this difficult?

Well, the artwork was late and we can usually deal with that, but it was REALLY late. It had no A and B markings on the labels, which meant these could easily be put on the wrong side of the record. It's so important to make sure that the artwork is clearly labelled so the vinyl manufacturing plant knows how to match them to the masters.

There was no delivery address supplied. The plant will use it as an excuse to slow things down. Nowhere to ship means they don't have to rush the order! Always supply an address when placing your order.

After we established the address, things were going smoothly until they decided to add a sticker. OK, we said, we'll deal with anything thrown at us, but there was no indication of colour or position. So that the plant knows where to put the sticker on the finished vinyl record, we need to know what position it should be in on the final product - front, top left, back, bottom right etc. We had just ascertained that before more sticker artwork came in!

The two stickers were added to the order before an email came through saying, 'can we mark the boxes that don't have the download card in?' Wait, what!!! What download card we asked? It turned out they assumed someone had ordered and sent download codes and artwork for a download card. There was a week to go before dispatching the picture discs, there was no artwork and no codes. Worse still, there was a public holiday the following day, which ate into the timeline.

Fortunately, our relationship with the vinyl pressing plant meant we could persuade them to continue with the ship date, whilst printing a basic download card. So we made it, just in time, but we made it! This was as complicated as it gets for a basic vinyl record release. It's squeaky bum time for the customer, frantic and full of last-minute nerves.

But it needn't be like this. For your vinyl pressing or indeed any disc pressing, if you make sure you have everything ready at the time of placing your order, it should go as smoothly as a knife through butter.

Here is a quick guide to pressing your next record -

  1. Make sure your designer has got our artwork guide.
  2. Make sure your recordings are eq'd and in the right order, labelled A & B.
  3. Give us clear written instructions about all elements of the order.
  4. Have your delivery address ready.

If you can do the above, you'll be ready to order your vinyl pressing with Disc International

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